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Meet Wednesday, Our #GalleryCat

We adopted Wednesday on a Wednesday and she's a hurricane Michael rescue (which landed on a Wednesday). But if we're being really honest, her name came from her mischievous air, much like the most famous Wednesday of all.


We love cats, but we understand that not everyone does. We have policies in place in case you'd like to visit our gallery, but would rather not see Wednesday. 

Gallery Cat Policies

We want you to feel welcome at the arts center.

If you or someone in your family is allergic to cats, or afraid of them, we want you to feel comfortable visiting us. 

You can call ahead of your visit at 850-640-3670, and ask us to put the cat in a back office for your visit.

You can also let us know when you walk in the door. We'll go find her and put her in our offices for the remainder of your stay.

We hope that Wednesday becomes as much a part of your family as she is ours. She was born in December 2018, so she's still just a kitten. We'll be able to watch her grow, learn, and, of course, sleep (so much sleep).


Feel free to drop in and say hi to her. She's still getting used to the building, but as she becomes more comfortable, I'm sure you'll see her out exploring.

We also wanted you to know that we plan to have a calendar contest in the fall, so you have plenty of time to prepare. Any type of art (photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, fabric, etc.), featuring Wednesday will be eligible. And all ages will be welcome to submit their art.


Proceeds from the calendar will support Wednesday's upkeep. Follow our Facebook page to be the first to know when the contest launches!

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