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Ravenwood Forest • 2020

Outside Ravenwood forest, a town warned residents against entering, as few who did ever returned. Young lovers Hanna and Jacob ignored the warnings, got attacked by ravens, and separated. Hanna, lost and weary, met a woman who transformed her into a raven to find her way out. Hanna succeeded but realized too late that the woman, a mysterious figure known as the Raven Queen had tricked her. The woman claimed her as another pet. Jacob, worried, left the forest with an injury and still seeks Hanna, hearing her caw in the dark woods.

Ravenwood’s Spider Cavern • 2021

The Raven Queen has returned and this time, she’s trying to keep her ravens safe from the jaws of Iktomi, the arachnid of the Ravenwood Forest, by sending hapless souls into its cavern instead. While Iktomi shares her name with the spider-trickster spirit, and culture hero for the Lakota people, she is nothing like the Native American Legend. 

She is a giant spider queen with an insatiable appetite. At her command are thousands of spiders and not even the Raven Queen herself wishes to cross her.

Ravenwood’s Carnival of Souls • 2022

 The development of downtown Panama City had encroached on the Raven Queen’s domain, the Ravenwood Forest. So she stormed into town with her minions to gather the souls of the citizens as restitution for the transgression.


Only the brave could weave their way through Iktomi’s spider cavern, avoid the Queen’s hidden henchmen, and survive Ravenwood’s Carnival of Souls in order to help break the Raven Queen’s hold on Panama City.

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Ravenwood Asylum • 2023

 The origin of the Raven Queen is uncovered as the those that dare enter the haunted Ravenwood Asylum. Your deepest, darkest fears await you at each turn…



This year, the whole Center for the Arts is being converted into an immersive haunted experience for October 2023 • 6pm-9pm

Tickets will be sold online with proceeds going to support the Bay Arts Alliance mission of putting Art on Every Corner.

If you are interested in volunteering to help create this immersive haunted experience with us, click here.

Experience is recommended for ages 13 & up.

We are thankful for our sponsors: Destination Panama City, Downtown Improvement Board, and Panama City Quality of Life.

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